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Department of Economics. University of Toronto

Office: Max Gluskin House,150 St. George Street. Room 309. Phone: 416-978-4358

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·       “Solution and Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Structural Models Using Euler Equations,” with Arvind Magesan. [Last version. December 1st, 2017]


Code in GAUSS for the Numerical Experiments in the paper


·       “Sufficient Statistics for Unobserved Heterogeneity in Dynamic Structural Logit Models,” with Jiaying Gu, and Yao Luo. [Last version. April 9th,  2018]




·       “The Geographic Flow of Bank Funding: Branch Networks and Local-Market Competition,” with Robert Clark, and Hui Wang. [Last version. September 29th,  2017]



·       “Identification of Biased Beliefs in Games of Incomplete Information Using Experimental Data,” with Erhao Xie [Last version. April 2017]



·       “A Microeconometric Dynamic Structural Model of Copper Mining Decisions,” with Andres Luengo [Last version. November 2015]



·       “Estimating the Effects of Deregulation in the Ontario Alcohol Retail Market,” with Daniel Ershov and Junichi Suzuki. [Last version: May 2015]



·       “Moment Inequalities Estimation of Discrete Choice Models: Using a Bound on the Expected Value of the Unobservables,” with Yao Luo and Zhe Yuan. [Last version: June 2015]


·       “Software for the Computation of Markov-Perfect Equilibria in a Dynamic Game of Store Location by Multi-Store Firms,” with Gustavo Vicentini. [Last version: May 2007]


·       “Dynamic Structural Models of Store Location: Methods and Applications [Plenary Talk at EARIE 2007]” [September 2007] 





·       “Empirical Industrial Organization: Models, Methods, and Applications” [March 2019] 





·       2019: “Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games When Players’ Beliefs are Not in Equilibrium,” with Arvind Magesan. The Review of Economic Studies. Forthcoming.

      GAUSS program for implementing the Monte Carlo experiments in the paper “Identification … Beliefs not in Equilibrium”


·       2019: “Identification of Games of Incomplete Information with Multiple Equilibria and Unobserved Heterogeneity,” with Pedro Mira. Quantitative Economics – Journal of the Econometric Society. Forthcoming.


       GAUSS program for implementing the numerical experiments in the paper “Identification of Games of Incomplete Information …”


·       2019: “Firms’ Beliefs and Learning: Models, Identification, and Empirical Evidence,” with Jihye Jeon. Review of Industrial Organization. Forthcoming.


·       2017: “Empirical Models of Firms and Industries,” with Margaret Slade. Canadian Journal of Economics, 50(5), (December 2017).


·       2016: “Diversification of Geographic Risk in Retail Bank Networks: Evidence from Bank Expansion after the Riegle-Neal Act,” with Robert Clark and Hui Wang. The RAND Journal of Economics, 47(3), 529-572 (September 2016).



·       2016: “Dynamic Spatial Competition Between Multi-Store Firms,” with Gustavo Vicentini. Journal of Industrial Economics, 64(4), 710-754 (December 2016).



·       2016: “Empirical Games of Market Entry and Spatial Competition in Retail Industries,” with Junichi Suzuki. Handbook on the Economics of Retail and Distribution, Chapter 9, pp 201-233. Emek Basker (editor). (January 2016), Edward Elgar Publishing.



·       2015: “Multiplicity of Equilibria and Information Structures in Empirical Games: Challenges and Prospects,” with Ron Borkovsky, Paul Ellickson, Brett Gordon, Pedro Gardete, Paul Grieco, Todd Gureckis, Teck-Hua Ho, Laurent Mathevet, and Andrew Sweeting. Marketing Letters, Volume 26(2) (June 2015), 115-125.


·       2014: “Identification and Counterfactuals in Dynamic Models of Market Entry and Exit,” with Junichi Suzuki. Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Volume 12(3) (September 2014), 267-304.



·       2014: “Labor Contracts and Flexibility: Evidence from A Labor Market Reform in Spain,”  with Cesar Alonso-Borrego. Economic Inquiry, Volume 52(2), 930-957.


·       2013: “Euler Equations for the Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Structural Models,” with Arvind Magesan. Advances in Econometrics, Volume 31, pp. 3-44.

          “Dataset (Gauss format) for Empirical Application in “Euler Equations for the Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Structural Models,”

          “Code (Gauss) for Empirical Application in “Euler Equations for the Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Structural Models,”


·       2013:  Recent Developments in Empirical IO: Dynamic Demand and Dynamic Games,” with Aviv Nevo. Advances in Economics and Econometrics: Theory and Applications. Tenth World Congress of the Econometric Society


·       2012:  “A Method for Implementing Counterfactual Experiments in Models with Multiple Equilibria,” Economics Letters, 114 (February 2012), 190-194.


·       2012:  “A Dynamic Oligopoly Game of the US Airline Industry: Estimation and Policy Experiments,” with Chun-Yu Ho. Journal of Econometrics, 168 (May 2012), 156-173.



·       2010:  “Another Look at the Identification of Dynamic Discrete Decision Processes, with an Application to Retirement Behavior,”  Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 28(2) (April 2010), 201-218.



·       2010:  “Dynamic Discrete Choice Structural Models: A Survey,” with Pedro Mira. Journal of Econometrics. 156(1) (May 2010), 38-67.


·       2010:  “A Dynamic Game of Airline Network Competition: Hub-and-Spoke Networks and Entry Deterrence,”  International Journal of Industrial Organization. 28(4) (July 2010), 377-382.


·       2009:  “Some Notes on Sample Selection Models,”  Quantile: International Econometric Journal in Russian, 7 (September 2009), 21-36. [In Russian]


·       2008:  “Comment: Identification of a Simple Dynamic Discrete Game under Rationalizability,” Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 26(3) (July 2008), 283-289.


·       2008:  “Discrete Choice Models of Firms’ Strategic Decisions,” with Michaela Draganska, Sanjog Misra, Pat Bajari, Liran Einav, Paul Ellickson, Dan Horsky, Sridhar Narayanan, Yesim Orhun, Peter Reiss, Katja Seim, Vishal Singh, Raphael Thomadsen and Ting Zhu. Marketing Letters, 19(3) (December 2008), 399-416.


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·       2006:  “Engel Coefficient,” in Encyclopedia of World Poverty, Mehmet Odekon (editor), Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA. (2006)


·       2005:  “A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Models with Multiple Equilibria: A First Report,”? with Pedro Mira. New Mathematics and Natural Computation, 1(2) (July 2005), 295-303.


·       2005:  “Nonparametric Identification of Behavioral Responses to Counterfactual Policy Interventions in Dynamic Discrete Decision Processes,” Economics Letters, 87 (June 2005), 393-398.


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·       1990:  “A Disequilibrium Model to Study Public Expenditure,” (in Spanish). Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros. Banco de España. November 1990.





·        “Retail stockouts and manufacturer brand competition,” [Last version: January 2005] 


·        “Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games Using the Nested Pseudo Likelihood Algorithm: Code and Application,” [Last version: September 10, 2009]   ZIP FILE WITH PROGRAM CODE AND DATA


·        “Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games,” with Pedro Mira [2002] 


·         “Sales Promotions in Supermarkets: Estimating their Effects in Profits and Consumer Welfare,”  [2002] 


·         “Evaluating the Effect of Regulated Severance Payments on Employment, Wages, and Productivity,”  Cowles Foundation Conference [2000] 


·         “Estimation of Dynamic Decision Models with Corner Solutions: A Model of Price and Inventory Decisions,” [1996] 





·        Historical list of Recipients of the Ely Devons Prize in the MSc of Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at the London School of Economics